About Us

Founded in 1998 by Richard Beresford, iSell’s purpose was build a software program that reduced the time it took to quote.

The start of "ITQuoter" was a simple tool that downloaded databases from a few suppliers (wholesale distributors) and allowed the salesperson to find everything in a single database and quickly and quote it.

Other than the speed of looking up product and pricing information, the other innovative part was the re-categorization of the products so that all Suppliers looked similar. The result was a system with a clear and logical layout of millions of products.

Ecommerce, online procurement and web based product catalogues were a natural extension of the core product and pricing system and have been a standard offering since 2002.

Overtime the functionality increased as our customers asked for the system to do more. Some ideas were great and others haven’t worked out like we expected.

Our software solutions are a collaborative effort with help from our customers. We listen and respond. Feature inclusion isn’t based on the most votes, but rather what’s best for the overall evolution of the product in line with keeping it easy to use.

Since the beginning we’ve held the same purpose - Quoting, Automated Product and Pricing Information, and Ecommerce.